Don't Fear the Future!

Don’t be afraid of the future because you’re scared you’ll repeat your past...

Let’s face it, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have regrets whether we admit it or not. Each one of us knows what it feels like to fail at something. I just have to say (as I keep reminding myself) GET OVER IT! Don’t let fear of past mistakes hold you back from what could be a fabulous future. Life is a journey – sometimes the road is rough and other times it’s smooth sailing but we won’t know until we get out there and explore. Maybe you’re afraid because someone has hurt you in the past, maybe a lot of people have hurt you. That doesn’t mean everyone in your future will hurt you too. Perhaps you’ve done some things you wish you could take back. You can’t take anything back – there are no do-overs but what you can do is stop beating yourself up over it. What’s done is done.  Forgive, ask for forgiveness, most importantly – FORGIVE YOURSELF. It’s only when we are able to let go of our past that we can move successfully into our future.

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