I don't need no stinkin' personal growth!

Photo by Bjorn Bulthuis

   A lot of people might say "I don't need fixed so I don't need personal development." It's very promising that they're self-confident enough to claim they don't need fixed but personal growth isn't about being fixed - It's really about discovering who we are, exploring all of our talents, admitting all our flaws, and learning to accept ourselves. It doesn't mean that we're broken by any means. Just imagine that you're the hiring manager for a large company. It is your job to interview prospective employees, look over their resumes, do a little research on their backgrounds, and ask questions that will help you learn what kind of person they are. This is a lot  like personal development except now you're interviewing yourself, really getting to understand your likes, dislikes, attitudes, opinions and views. You're not necessarily trying to figure out what kind of person you are but perhaps WHO you are. We tend to put up a front and after a while, we grow to believe we're the person we try to get others to believe we are. Does this make sense? In a way, we're putting on an act every day and those on the outside only once in a while get a glimpse of our true selves. We hide behind facades and sometimes, sadly, we forget who we truly are. What's worse is we may be worried that who we truly are isn't good enough and people won't accept us. So, personal development can help break down those walls that hide who we are and allow us to be comfortable just being who we were meant to be.

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