5 Ways to Live the Best Life Possible

  I've never been much into the bucket list thing. However, for a college assignment I had to create one and once I got started, I couldn't stop. My list was incredibly long and when I was finished I couldn't believe everything I "wanted" to accomplish in my lifetime. Today, I can look at that list and laugh a little because I realize it's packed with a lot of fluff and goals that I'm not really passionate about (never was passionate about) but they seemed like good ideas at the time. Since then, I've done some major redesigning of that list and while there are many goals I'd still like to achieve, the goals which remain on my list are important to me, things that I feel are precious and worth my time. Sure, there are still a few that some might find a little far out there in terms of practicability but the first 5 goals on my list are things that I honestly feel everyone should do and I'm going to share those with you.

Five Things You Should Do Before You Die

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1. Love and allow yourself to be loved. 
Love without expecting anything in return. Take notice that you not only love with words but also with actions. Accept the kindness of others as their acts of love for you. Let down your guard a little. Make sure those you love always know just how much you love them.

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2. Inspire and be inspired. 
 Allow yourself to be inspired and return some of that inspiration back to the world. Learn to find inspiration in unlikely places. Listen and look with an open mind... you never know where inspiration may be hiding.

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3.  Be Passionate.
Allow yourself to become healthily absorbed in activities you enjoy and learn to find joy in even the most routine tasks. Whether it is a hobby you adore or a job you despise, there are ways to be passionate in everything you do. Always be curious and explore. Your passions are probably not going to just fall into your lap - You have to seek them out! Search for the good in every situation. If you have a boring chore then find some way that it applies to your life, furthers your cause, or helps others and turn it into a source of passion. Learn to look at situations with "new eyes", as if you're experiencing it for the first time. Something you "hate" doing will always be something you "hate" doing if you endure it with a hateful attitude. Remember, you're not born with passion - you create it.

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4. Promote forgiveness. 
Forgive others, ask for forgiveness, and forgive yourself. Holding onto grudges isn't healthy - emotionally or physically. Learn to let it go. When necessary, don't hesitate to ask for forgiveness even if you know it won't be given. Once in a while, especially when it involves those you love, you might ask for forgiveness even when you're certain you've done nothing to be forgiven for. Most importantly, learn to forgive yourself for the things you've done. Don't hold onto regrets of the past. Life is too short to waste time beating yourself up over any shortcomings or mistakes.

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5. Never stop learning. 
View each day as an opportunity to expand your horizons and grow as a person. Never pass up a chance to learn something new. Remain vigilant in your journey for knowledge because learning opportunities often present themselves in ways we never imagine. Sometimes, actually often times, you won't realize you were being taught until the lesson is finished. 

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