How to Live a More Passionate Life

 You know how when you really enjoy doing something time seems to fly by? That's what happens with me when I paint. I turn on my music, set up my canvas, paints and brushes and just let whatever I'm feeling take over. I don't worry about what colors I'm using or about anything being perfect... I just paint. And in that time I become so absorbed into what I'm doing I lose all sense of time. 

  The canvas doesn't care that I should really be washing dishes, the paint doesn't expect anything from me and I can go off into my own little world. I can take out my frustrations with each brush stroke and paint splatter. It's all so very therapeutic. My paintings usually end up being very abstract and sometimes not perfect or very "pretty" in the eyes of someone else. However, I'm not painting for them, I'm painting for ME. Also, it's not just the end result that is important but rather the whole process. 

  That's sort of the same way I look at life. It's MY life and I'm living it for me, no one else. Getting from point A to point B is the goal but you should allow yourself to enjoy the process of getting there. If you are forcing yourself through it without passion and a feeling of absorption then maybe you're on the wrong path. Maybe you're on the path that everyone else wants you to take and trying to achieve their idea of perfection.

   Every day we're painting the canvas of our lives and in order to have our best life possible, there should be a sense of passion driving us. We may never find that passion if we're trying to make our painting good enough in another person's eyes. Our lives are truly our very own creations, works of art - our Masterpieces. Who are you painting for?

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