Do You Have Harmony in your Life?

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Photo by Horia Varlan

   In life, we have many theme songs. Some days the theme song is harmonious, vibrant and upbeat and other days, not so much. Life itself in many ways is like a piece of music. Often it begins with an intense introduction, each verse builds upon the next until we find ourselves at the "glory years" of our song a.k.a. the chorus. We then continue, winding down toward the conclusion perhaps crossing a beautiful bridge along the way. When we reach the end of our piece, often parts of our past journey echo back to us as we gradually fade away.

  Just as in music, we must strive to maintain harmonious balance in our lives. In music when there is disharmony it produces a harsh, often annoying sound and we can immediately tell that something just isn't right. When we have disharmony in our lives it's basically the same - things are harsh, conflicting, we are faced with strife and can absolutely sense that something is off. It's difficult to maintain harmonic balance but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Before we can experience harmony in our interactions with the world, we first must achieve a level of personal harmony. All that we do in the realm of self-help is bringing us to that state of personal balance. The more we are able to take control of our thoughts, suppress the negative and engage in more positive thinking, the sooner harmony will replace discord and we will find our happy balance.

What helps you achieve harmony in your life?

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