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From the time I was 3 years old and would stand on the banister of my front porch belting out songs that echoed through our valley I have had a love for music. No matter where life has taken me or what condition the road that I traveled in life, music has always been a constant - the cheerful songs that brought me out of the depths of my sadness to the slower, intense ballads that I've used to relax and recharge - music has the ability to inspire, transform, and at times, console. Recently, I've found a very interesting music tool online at With the tools provided even a complete novice to the world of music can create a song and share it with others. You're also able to listen to the music made by users of the site and if you really find something you like, you can purchase the mp3 so you can listen whenever and wherever you want. Since I'm always on the lookout for music for relaxation and to listen to while I paint, I thought I'd see what I could create for myself using MusicShake. One song that I created is titled "Reflection" and is a 90 beat per minute piano ballad which I find very relaxing. You can listen to it here. Another song I created which is more lively and upbeat is "Rain" which you can listen to here. Hope you enjoy and maybe have fun creating some tunes of your own!

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