Why You Should Consider Rewriting Your Bucket List

Photo by Roger
  I had a bucket list but the bucket got a hole in it from being so overstuffed with a bunch of blah-blah fluff and junk and I'm just going to toss it before I get a chance to kick it. This list of mine was a mile long and included items such as "Learn to play guitar", "Go on a cruise". It was literally the front and back of a sheet of legal pad paper. Now and then I accomplished something and crossed it off but for the most part, many of those things were left untouched. You see, I finally started to see what was important in life and most everything on my list was a bunch of poo. It's not about fulfilling all those accomplishments anyway. It's really about living your life in such a way that you can die happy. Just because there's this list of things you want to do/see/become before you pass on doesn't mean that you have to reach each goal. Actually, I think it would be sad to cross the last thing off. So, you look back over your list and that's what your life is all about? Will jumping out of an airplane, learning to play piano, or going to the Superbowl... make you a better person? Those experiences may enrich your life but when all is said and done the relationships you build with your family and friends, those whose lives you touch along the way and whose lives you've allowed to touch yours will be what actually stands out.

  Live life fully every day with intention. Love with everything you've got. Be passionate about something, anything, EVERYTHING. If you have to do something, you may as well do it wholeheartedly instead of half-assed just because you wrote it down on a list at some point in life. Priorities change, what you thought you wanted way back when might not be what you want now. Allow yourself to drop the cliche bucket list items. You don't HAVE to swim with the dolphins or learn to knit a sweater. Make sure you're doing the things YOU want to do and living the life YOU choose. Give your all in everything you do. Give of yourself every day. Be an inspiration and encourage others to do the same.

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