My, my, my - Stir Fry And Cherry Pie...

Sooo, last night I made something different for dinner. We usually don't have stir fry or any other kind of Asian food come to think of it and now I remember why!

It started out great. I diced and fried up some chicken breast. So far so good. "MMMmmm" The children said. "That smells good!". Then I did the unthinkable.

I added in a bag of premixed stir fry veggies, noodles, etc. The look on their faces was priceless. You would think I had just dumped a heaping bag of poo in with the chicken. One says "Mommmm, you ruined it!!" Other says "If you think I'm eating that you're crazy!! Are you trying to kill us?? Oh my Gosh!!! Look, I see a mushroom (turns to brother) Do you see that mushroom???"

Needless to say, they wouldn't eat it. Well, they "tried it" I suppose if you consider putting it on a plate, raising a bite to their lips while gagging the whole time trying. I must say, it was GOOD! Little shits don't know what they were missing. How did I get such picky children? Anyway... I redeemed myself in their eyes because for dessert...

I made cherry crisp! Yes, I know the title says cherry pie and it's not but hey, it rhymed. =/
Love, love, LOVE the cherry crisp and it's so easy to make. Sure wish I would have had some vanilla ice cream to go with it though. The boys loved it, the little daughter aka the pickiest damn kid on earth wouldn't take a bite. "Eeeeewww, it looks like someone's internal organs!!" WHATEVER!! Did I also mention she's a drama queen? She's only 7 years old and I'm already dreading her teenage years!

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