Perms are Making a Comeback in 2017? How did I miss this?

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Any of you who were around in the 80s surely remember the perm craze. The bigger the better and everyone who was anyone seemed to be doing it from celebrities to your grandma.

From tight poodle perms to the popular big hair spiral perms, they were all the rage for a good while.

Just thinking about perms brings back memories of hours spent sitting with those plastic rods wrapped tight in my hair and the nauseating chemical smell of the permanent wave solution. Bleh.

The perms of today, however, are much different than what we remember, or so I hear.

Instead of the super tight curls the new perms will offer looser locks and beachy type waves as seen above.

80s Perm Ad

Personally, I don't think I'll be getting a perm... I'll just use foam rollers or some other type of curler to get the look with out the commitment.

How about you? Do you still get perms? Considering it?

If you love your perm, show us!

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