How NOT to Promote your Business or Products

Hey guys. This is going to be one of those random rant posts. I've been hanging out a lot lately in the direct sales Facebook groups which are supposed to be for networking, promoting products, etc.

Now, I understand people want to get the word out there but seriously? These groups are filled with hundreds if not thousands of other consultants trying to blast people with their opportunity.

You know what??? I'm guilty myself of this very same thing. I understand that a lot of times it comes from just wanting to reach out.

You're so excited about your company and products you want to stand high on a mountain and shout it out to the whole world. I get it. But most people aren't joining these groups looking for an opportunity, they're joining because they're trying to recruit or make sales. In most cases they don't even see your posts.

When you bombard people with verbal vomit their eyes tend to just glaze over and it's like no one is really home. And if anyone actually happens to join these groups looking for an opportunity or a consultant to buy from they can easily become overwhelmed.

There are also people in there trying to lure group members to various game sites. They come in and post something like "I have tons of friends who are desperately looking for "insert direct sales company names here" consultants. PLEASE tell me who you're with!!!"


They're trying to get you into their group where they have "games" and you buy from other consultants of various companies. Now that's great if you have interest in buying tons of products from various sellers. I don't have use for most of it.

We're in this to make money, right? Not spend money. I'm all for supporting other small businesses but when it comes down to it, I don't need a bunch of product sitting around that I'll never use.

So basically what I'm saying is making numerous posts in these groups probably isn't the best way to promote your business or the best use of your time. Instead, why not spend time getting to know your potential customers?

Give them a reason to keep coming back to you by adding value to their lives through something other than products. People tend to buy from those they know, like, and TRUST. What are you doing to make them trust you?

You don't gain trust by verbally vomiting all over them, I'll tell you that right now.

Get them to engage with you, let them get to know you while you're getting to know more about them. They may not even be interested in your products but maybe they know someone who is. If they don't trust you do you think they're going to give you that referral? Nope.

Succeed by helping others.

There's nothing wrong with the "Be Obsessed or Be Average" mentality but be obsessed about reaching out, listening and getting to know someone's wants and needs, and making a difference instead of trying to sell to everyone within 3 feet of you. =)

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